Our Ceramic Coating Services


Ceramic paint protection is a liquid nano ceramic coating that protects your vehicle’s original finish from dirt, damage, and fading.

The Ceramic Pro coating we use is essentially liquid glass bonded to your vehicles clear coat making it 10 times more durable than your vehicle’s original clear coating.

Nano technology gives the finish self-cleaning properties, helping to keep bird droppings, bugs, dirt, tar and paint from bonding to the coated surface of your vehicle.

2 Year Warranty: $899

5 Year Warranty: $1,499

Lifetime Warranty (wheels, calipers, glass, & plastic trim included): $2,299

We do powder coating too!

Change the color of your rims to any color imaginable with our powder coating services. Your rims get stripped and dipped in whatever color you want. We ceramic coat all rims after the service is complete and that is included in the price.

Starting price: $200/Rim

*Curbed rims that need to be refinished start at $250/Rim*

CeramicPro Coating on these Avant Garde Rims